Praise The Lord For He Is Good

About Us

We believe that friendliness is a natural attitude among people who truly love God. Visitors to the Lebanon congregation will receive a warm and courteous welcome.


Simple and Devout Worship

Visitors are typically impressed by an encouraging worship designed to draw worshipers closer to God and provide enduring spiritual strength.



Since our desire is to be governed in all things by the Word of God alone, our worship consist only of those elements, which were part of the worship of the early church. We sing, pray, partake of the Lord’s Supper, preach God’s Word for our instruction, and give as we have been prospered.





Several prayers will be offered to God during our worship. Faithful men of our congregation who will offer to God our praise, thanksgiving, and requests will lead these.Lord’s Supper

If you visit on the first Sunday of the quarter the Lord’s Supper or communion will be observed. The bread represents the body of Christ (Matthew 26:26). The fruit of the vine represents the blood of Christ (Matthew 26:27-28). Our communion is open to all who have been saved and baptized in the name of the Lord.




If you visit on a Sunday morning or evening, plates will be passed to collect a financial offering. The money is used in the work of the church as overseen by our stewards.


As a visitor, you are not obligated or expected to give unless you desire to do so.



What We Expect of You

We expect for you to participate, as you desire in our worship to God. We would like for you to fill out a Visitor’s Card so that we can express our thanks for your visit with us. If you have any questions regarding our Church, please ask one of us.




We publish a bulletin weekly to inform our congregation of all the events going on within our church.




A sermon will be delivered that will be Bible-centered, challenging and uplifting. The sermon will be in length as the preacher is led by God to relay to the congregation.

At the end of the lesson, an invitation will be offered. This is a convenient time for those who desire to do so to make a commitment or request prayer. If anyone responds for baptism, you will witness the baptism during a service at a later date. This will be an immersion in water (Acts 2:38, 8:35-39; Romans 6:3-4; Colossians 2:12



Our singing, to many visitors, is an inspirational and refreshing part of our worship. We sing traditional hymns accompanied by piano. In addition, we have special singing on occasion that is either traditional or contemporary in nature. On months consisting of five Sunday’s we have Fifth Sunday singings during the evening service, followed by finger foods and fellowship in our fellowship hall. We encourage everyone to participate in our worship to God in song.

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